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Full online text of The Petting by Peter de Niverville. Other short stories by Peter de Niverville also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors.

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The Eyes Do Not Belong There trope as used in popular culture. Eyes in places where they just don’t belong are a good way to creep people out. The palms of …

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Grave sucking is one of the newest and strangest heresies to hit the church. Can a person really receive Holy Spirit empowerment from a dead person’s bones?

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This one of the earliest stories I wrote and is a departure from what I’ve written recently. There seem to be a multitude of stories about Mother and Son many of them not wholly believable in how it starts.

Cock sucker discovers a church where he can worship.

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One of the most serious of all penetrating chest injures occurs when a bullet or a piece of shrap-nel rips open a hole in the chest wall, entering the lung, causing it to collapse.

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Weve all been there, that awkward moment where your mom catches you spying on her taking a This page is a bit small and uneventful, I was working on a special detailed pannel of Violet to supplement it, but I wouldnt have been able to post it in time, so I figured I wont rush it and post the Violet closeup pannel

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If ever a clue was needed that Jews rule America then billionaire Sheldon Adelson is living proof. Buying politicians is good business for Adelson and only rivals the influence-peddling of AIPAC and Jewish billionaire George Soros. What looked like a cliquish meeting of the Republican Jewish

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